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Mile-long corridors, insurmountable stairways, graphic codes, illegally occupied zones. Corviale, a housing project on the outskirts of Rome, built between 1975 and 1982. A whole city in a single building. The photography sensitively moves along a line of friction, the gab between plan and reality.

Katalog sitzen Galerie Schloss Parz Alois Riedl Otto Hainzl

›sitzen‹ (sit)

Catalog. A Dialog in images from
Alois Riedl & Otto Hainzl.
Availabe at Galerie Schloss Parz



For more than ten years, the buildings on Waldeggstrasse have been unoccupied, and it will be almost another ten years before the “gap” is closed to form an inner-city highway axis. The pictures of the Austrian photo artist Otto Hainzl link the dramaturgy of social life with questions about urban development concepts.

Published by KEHRER Verlag.

Architekturfotografie Otto Hainzl Pfarrkirche Krenglbach

Pfarrkirche Krenglbach

Photography & Catalog for
Harmach Architects Wels

(Parish church of Krenglbach)

Katalog Portrait Otto Hainzl

Katalog »Portrait«

Published 2008, out of print
Baryt Prints available in my Atelier (limited edition)

Verlag Anton Pustet, 2019 ISBN 978-3-7025-0936-1

Prost, Mahlzeit!

On comission about  tavern & restaurant culture in Linz. Book published by  Nordico Stadtmuseum Linz. Available at your local bookseller and in Nordico.
Verlag Anton Pustet, 2019
ISBN 978-3-7025-0936-1