Otto Hainzl

observer of realities

›The Plüschow File‹

“I try to reflect ourselves as a society in lyrical objectivity. The focus of my work is Europe’s cultural area. “

Current exhibitions

BGD Photo Month


Europastrasse at the
Central European House
of Photography, Bratislava

opening at June 2nd, 5 p.m
exhibition until July 4th

Participation at the Linz Art Salon

opening at october 14th
from october 15th to october 17th

represented at KV Galerie MAERZ

The ›Iran Mappe‹

to see at Café Schadzi
Domgasse 10, Linz
Publications of the next parts will follow shortly


dramaturgy of social life


a trace of ourselves

Die Kehrseite

Summer Exhibition 2020


Parish church, permanent installation


one kilometer in length, 8.000 residents

Hotels I know

culture coded locations


A dialogue with Alois Riedl (painter)


one kilometer in length, 8.000 residents


In der MAERZ eröffnet morgen eine spannende Ausstellung. Der Linzer Künstler Gerhard Brandl tritt in einer Doppelrolle auf.…

Commissioned work

Teaching . Coaching . Talks

Architectural photography

Portrait photography

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