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A trace of ourselves

Most of us have heard of one, fewer know what an ›Europastrasse‹ or European Route exactly is. Whatever the precise answer, they stretch all over our continent - and - tell a lot about us as a society.


Implementing such an ›Europastrasse‹ requires a huge effort – an effort in willpower, in budget, in planning as well as in engineering. There must be a strong determination, otherwise they simply would not exist. Nevertheless, whose determination is it? Ultimately it is the determination of ourselves, the European society!


Verlauf einer Europastrasse

I had the idea for this project was born several years before I actually went out. When I realised how extensive the network of European roads is, when I also came across European roads in Asia, when I realised how unclear the idea behind them was to me and many others, I decided to drive along one of these roads from A to Z. The Map is not the Territory. And so I explored this territory of europeanism.


For this Project I was on the road in one stretch for a quarter of a year. During this time I blogged. The blog is currently available as a rolling video on request. It will go online on this website in the second half of 2024.

Video Trailer

An 83-hour street video premiered at the "Crossing Europe" film festival 2017. Here is the trailer:


Traveling Exhibition

For the moment ›Europastrasse‹ is a traveling exhibition on its way along the E75 European route:
→ Belgrade
→ Vardø Kommune, Vardø, NOR
→ Helsinki, Finnish House of Photography, 2015; Photo Festival 2020
→ Bratislava, 2021
→ Skopje, still looking for budget


→ Big Exhibition in Paris on the occasion of the French EU Presidency, 2022
→ Crossing Europe, Filmfestival festival for European film, 2017

One Day Residencies & Ausstellung

→ Finnish Museum of Photography, Helsinki, FIN
→ Vardø Kommune, Vardø, NOR

Further explanations of „One Day Residencies“ coming soon to this page ∆.