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The magic word is RSS (= Really Simple Syndication). RSS is a standard feature of most web browsers. And this page collects no personal data whatsoever in running its RSS feed.


RSS provides an easy way to access lots of content.

How do I subscribe to this blog using RSS?

RSS is often described as a set of “live bookmarks.” It’s a fairly simple but extremely useful tool.

Almost all common browsers (whether on your phone, your tablet, or your computer) include an RSS function. Safari doesn’t offer one (so if you use Safari, then see the list of RSS apps below), but Firefox, for example, does. If in doubt, just use your browser’s “help” menu to learn more. You’ll find information there on how it’s done. If you use RSS, you’ll see a notification in the top area of your browser when new content is available.


There are also lots of add-ons and/or plugins that you can use to set up even more convenient ways of accessing the RSS function. These add-ons can be found on your browser’s website.

In order to subscribe to a website, the site in question has to offer a so-called “news feed” or “RSS feed.” The RSS feeds for can be indicated follows:



RSS as a personalized newspaper

You can use RSS to realize something like a personal newspaper sourced from the Internet. Simply subscribe to that content that interests you—centrally, from your own device.

Also interesting: RSS readers

There are also specialized “RSS readers,” which are dedicated solutions designed to provide you with even more comfortable access to RSS feeds. These aggregate RSS content outside of your web browser and come in two varieties.

The first kind are server-based solutions (Feedly, Inoreader, etc.) that run on their provider’s servers, which you can use any web browser to access. The second kind are solutions that you install on your own device—standalone RSS clients: These include RSSOwl  (Win, Mac, Linux), QuiteRSS (Mac), and many others.

Here’s wishing you a great time following my blog, where I provide insights into the themes of my artistic work!


Otto Hainzl