Why does a society undertake the effort to build an ›Europastrasse‹? Most of these ›European Routes‹, stretch across our whole continent, sometimes beyond. Be it from Holyhead to Ishim, from Shannon to St. Petersburg from Calais to Leninogorsk, from Lissabon to Doğubeyazıt or from Sitia to Vardø. They are immense structures. Each is signposted throughout with it‘s own number.

Asking the question the other way round is even more intriguing: What does a construction like an ›Europastrasse‹ tell us about the society which built it?! It will tell a lot about ourselves as we are this very society. In search of this reflection Otto Hainzl set off to travel along the entire Europastrasse E75 – from the Greek island of Crete all the way to Vardø near the North Cape. He did so in one go over the course of a quarter of a year. In his work the artist uses all different types of media like photography, video, text, metadata to accomplish this reflective approach. He achieves to mirror society by it’s markers found along the route.

Parts of ›Europastrasse‹ were shown at the Finnish Museum of Photography in Helsinki as well as in Vardø during ‘One Day Residency’ programs whilst the artist was still traveling. So the work itself evolved in a self reflective way. A current exhibition is planned to move on to numerous other E75 countries.


Whilst on the road I blogged, here you see the first entry.

Here a tinymini fraction of the 83 hour videoloop, which had its premiere at the Crossing Europe Film Festival: