Where does it actually begin?

Today, the first serious problems became evident. Where does the E75 begin, and how does it run??? So I ask openstreetmap.org, here.com, and of course Google Maps. Three different mapping services, three different answers. One says it runs right through the town, one says it goes around the airport, and a third says both stretches of road are the E75. So what to do? Will my project fail already in Sitia? :-//

Wann immer du die Karten befragst: Sie erzählen nur, was passieren kann, wenn du dich dem Schicksal blind ergibst (tarotwissen.de).
Whenever you consult the cards, they tell you only what happens when you give yourself over blindly to fate (tarotwissen.de).

There are no longer any printed maps here, by the way.