Observing ground plots of our living that is ground plots of our being – is what I am doing. This is exciting, indeed. I do it by the means of patterns we created (WIR Series), a house we created (Corviale), a street we created (Europastrasse). May the projects have all the same motivation, it turns out that I find myself in the need of  different means to narrate them.

One thing gives the other and so appeared the Video. 80 hours in length. I found it to be the best way to grasp a structure being several thousand kilometres long – being still ungraspable.

As I keep reflecting ourselves, by delving into things, I am in the need to cover the complexity – a challenge. Therefore Europastrasse is puzzling me. The way of working things through is

literally a puzzle – put together piece by piece is the strategy. Making a mille-feuille. Every ‘feuille’ needs to be rolled out. Layer by layer it will arise to be a an entire cake.

Launching the Video at crossing Europe Film Festival was a very important step. It starts giving flavor to the whole, a whole which will not be finished for quite some time.

The images in the corviale book create a cloud through which the viewer will glimpse a piece of the entire building and therefore a glimpse of us [as society].  The approach in Europastrasse is to layer things by disrupting the media of narration. There was text, now there is video, more to come.

This is the state I am in right now. Baking the cake.