Music and Drama


Last week, the Anton Bruckner Private University for Music, Drama, and Dance in Linz moved to a brand new building on Pöstlingberg.
It was a greenfield project. ButAs the excavation pit grew deeper, the remains of an old palace suddenly came to light, It was Schloss Hagen, which was torn down in 1963. And for this brief moment in 2011, Schloss Hagen reappeared.



It was a lyrical moment that inspired me to photograph Schloss Hagen Alte Ansicht [Schloss Hagen Old View].

The photograph can be read as bridge between past and future. We always build on history, sometimes without even knowing it—and always to create a future. Seeing the past and the future at the very same moment in time was my inspiration for this piece of work, which shows precisely this bridging of the chronological gap.

This photograph is now a permanent installation at the new main building of the Anton Bruckner University. Go there and have a look—you’ll find it on the 1st floor near the library.


(Image by Christian Hofstadler)



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