Privacy policy

This website is constructed in various layers, which for clarity we shall name:


web service provider layer

This layer provides the webspace, the apache server, cms db, etc in short it contains the webserver and it’s infrastructure. We do not run this layer on or own but host it.


wordpress layer

wordpress is an open source program which serves the content of this page in a structured and designed way. It is a piece of software which runs on the web service layer. WordPress plugins also live in this layer.


content layer

which represents our specific content, as this text or images, links and more. Custom code can run on this layer as well, like java or php scripts for more functionality or layout reasons. This layer is fully under our control (as long as it does not get hacked).

Let’s start with the wordpress layer. WordPress uses cookies in the standard wordpress way. Above that we have no interest in cookies. On the content layer we do not touch cookies nor do we track you there.

Web statistics are provided on the service provider level as well as on the wordpress layer. We do not use google analytics, which could give google the chance to track you or to create a profile of you. We do not track you on the content layer, since we believe in privacy. We do not intend to track you on the other layers as well.
Up to now, we only use very basic web statistics to count visitors, page hits. We leave it open to analyze more, e.g. countries of origin etc. Again, we do not use google analytics. piwik is a end user friendly alternative, which we run in test mode. There is a likelihood that our service provider records traffic data or wordpress does that. We do not use this data other than stated above.

On the content layer no personal information of you is stored! The only exception are the comments and connected information that you leave on our blog. If you comment the blog, you agree that this comments will be made public. Only the information that is stated to be viewed public, will be viewed public from our side. All this takes place on the content layer.

If you subscribe to our newsletter (which we recommend), the information will be stored in a local environment outside of the stated infrastructure behind a firewall and not in a cloud. We do not feed your data to service providers like mailchimp or the like, which is a frequent practice.  This abdication is not standard on other sites but we think it is good for your privacy.


facebook and other social media buttons

Up to our knowledge we do not use facebook buttons which are capable to track you. The facebook link found on this pages is a link not a tracking code as on many other websites. We do not agree with this kind of tracking so our site should be free of such tracking buttons and code.

Please be aware, if you follow external links, thus links which point to a different website which could be a video link etc, you leave our environment and our policies do not apply any more.

Our policy is to store information which concerns you only on servers which are under European law. For this reason the service provider is an Austrian owned company, the web page is hosted on Austrian servers.

Our webshop does not store preferences or profiles of you. Your purchases are made over standard paypal. We do not see your credit card number or the like. We get the details which we need for the purchase, like your shipping address and amount paid. This is stored in our merchandise system as well as in our tax report.


what we do NOT do:

Today it is standard that your data, like e-mail addresses will be fed to third party newsletter services like mailchimp or the like. Such service are capable to track your reading habits very precisely and could generate profiles of you or your interests. As you open your mail, your mail program connects to such a server in the background feeding information. As we believe in privacy, we DO NOT feed your personal information to any service of this type.

Nor do we track you via weblinks. You can easily prove this: if you leave your mouse pointer over a link which was sent to you by mail and it contains a long letter-number combination, it is likely to be a tracking link. We do not use such tracking links.

From this follows that we take great care to protect your information & privacy. We aim to use appropriate services and service providers only. Be aware, that there is no such thing as absolute ‘saveness’ in the net, nor can we guarantee it. But we take care. There is also a chance to be targeted by an attack, which we can of course not guarantee to defend.