Peer to space – link to an urban online exhibition

First it was a house. Then it was an Europastrasse. Now it is a City. Or is it more cities? I remember it was a house containing a city. In this posting I am writing about an urban space made up by peers. It seems there is a lot of connections. If not by an Europastrasse then by context.

In any case I am very busy at the moment. There are not much postings from my side right now. This can only mean two things: lot’s of vacation or lot’s of work. Take it or leave it – there are a lot of things in the planning for this year, close to release. One of which is an open house in my Atelier in October, a Corviale Exhibition in Passau on 11th of November. A special edition will be released later this year as well – I will reveal more about this in September. And now..

And now there is an interesting online exhibition “OUR CITIES SUROUNDED”. It’s an interesting concept, the curators Carlotta Meyer and Tina Sauerländer of PEER TO SPACE shape an urban space by…

Let’s take a look, here is the link to the online Exhibition….

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